Last updated Saturday 9th September.
As there are only 4 races left, anyone who has completed less than 3 races has been removed from the standings.
If your name does not appear, please make sure you have entered through our 'How to Enter' page.
If you think your points are incorrect then please email
Female Standings
Points Races Name Age Cat Club
14 10* Hazel Hole FV45 Minehead Running Club
34 9* Hazel Shears FV35 Langport Runners
88 7 Helen Diamond FV45 Weston AC
94 7 Joanna Henley FV45 Yeovil Town RRC
100 7 Kirsty Eveleigh SF Running for Time
117 8* Sally Tuer FV55 Running Forever RC
164 7 Sue Nicholls FV75 Burnham on Sea Harriers
176 8* Karen Shears FV65 Wells City Harriers
266 7 Tracey Benton FV45 Burnham on Sea Harriers
63 5 Tracey Thomas FV45 Burnham on Sea Harriers
145 5 Debbie Brooks FV55 Weston AC
35 4 Sorrel Langley-Hobbs FV45 Cheddar Running Club
22 3 Carol Buckland FV55 Wells City Harriers
33 3 Katy Armstrong FV45 Langport Runners
83 3 Louise Treloggen FV55 Street Striders

Male Standings
Points Races Name Age Cat Club
7 7 Michael Sandiford SM Crawlers
15 8* Matthew Lusby SM Wells City Harriers
28 7 Adam Fieldhouse SM Crawlers
49 9* Matt Powell MV40 Burnham on Sea Harriers
63 7 Kit Walker SM Running for Time
65 9* Christian Bisgrove MV40 TNR Harriers
73 8* Paul Thomas MV40
88 9* Ben Timpson SM Running Forever RC
102 11* Miles Pearce MV50 Taunton AC
137 8* Stuart Diamond MV50 Weston AC
139 7 Andrew Piper MV50 Wells City Harriers
141 7 John Shapland MV60 Bideford AAC
187 8* Stuart Godfrey MV40 Somer AC
206 8* Nick Hemmings MV50 Quantock Harriers
228 7 Kevin Clements MV50
262 8* David Carnell MV60 Crewkerne Running Club
301 7 Phil Johnson MV50 Cheddar
359 7 Luke Merchant SM Wellington Running Club
397 8* Kieron Chapman MV40 Minster Milers
489 8* Paul Snelling MV70 Weston AC
75 6 Martin Shoots MV50 Minehead Running Club
330 6 David Cockcroft MV60
141 5 Graham Goldsmid MV60 Wells City Harriers
170 5 Andrew Robinson MV50 Wells City Harriers
206 5 Alan Hutchings MV50 Lonely Goat RC
278 5 Simon Rowland MV50 Running Forever RC
14 4 Oliver Rant SM Crawlers
165 4 Paul Chadwick MV60 Wells City Harriers
219 4 Len Horlock MV70 South West Veterans Athletic Club
236 4 Mark Benton MV50 Burnham on Sea Harriers
28 3 Ben Adams SM Crewkerne Running Club
59 3 Craig Foley MV50 Wells City Harriers
98 3 Philip Hobbs MV50 Burnham on Sea Harriers
155 3 Nigel Baker MV70 Running Forever RC
167 3 Rob Murr MV60 Running Forever RC
195 3 Andrew Patten MV40


The scoring system for the Somerset Series is as follows; you score points in each race depending on your gender finishing position.  So for example if you finished 3rd in a race, but the first lady, you would score one point.  Similarly if a  man finished 4th in the same race he would score three points as only two other men had finished ahead of him.  

Runners need to complete a minimum of 8 races over the course of the year to qualify.  If you complete more than 8 races then you start removing your worst points scores.  So as an example if a runner finished 9 races, placing 5th, 5th, 10th, 4th, 20th, 6th, 7th, 3rd and 30th their total score would be 60 as their 30th place finish wouldn't count towards their total.  The idea being to try and score as low a total as possible. Due to race cancellations, the requirement has changed to 7 races, with the 7 best scores qualifying.

Runners don't necessarily have to be affiliated to a running club or based in Somerset.  We have various prizes for the top three in age categories and the top overall 10 men and women.  Prize winners each receive an engraved wine glass and everyone who completes 8 races gets a prize (the nature of this is to be confirmed for 2022).

We will start posting standings after race 3 of the 2022 Series.  Your age category is determined by your age on 1st January 2022.

Series contact details are as follows:

Series Coordinator:  Matt Powell (email:
Scoring: Ola Timpson (email:
Brian Mountoy-Row (Yeovil Town RRC) is treasurer. Note that no extra fees are charged to enter the series, you simply pay your race entry fee as normal.

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